This one will be for the books, we have been invited to play outside the Cumberland Caverns for the PBS taping for Bluegrass Underground. Just to be sure, we are not playing the epic Cave itself, we are going to be just outside though keeping folks warm with our hot pickin'. Since we have never left the state for a show this will be a big splash for these Milwaukee grassers. Trust us when we say we will do our best to make you proud, and we always hope to see your smiling faces. This time we understand if you cannot make it to Tennessee to see us ! Both Saturday and Sunday we will be playing sets outside the cave mouth while folks going to the Bluegrass Underground for the PBS Taping special. As long as you have purchased tickets to the PBS taping of Bluegrass Underground you will get a chance to catch us on the way down! Thanks in advance for support and love which you folks are never short on, can't wait to tell stories and hopefully have some great pictures to share.