Brewtown Brewgrass will host a series of shows at The Best Place at the Historic Pabst Brewery. The beautiful location provides an incredible setting for some local talent. Starting on the 8th of September and ending on the 29th, we will have several arrangements for the entertainment.

Pickin' on the patio - September 8th 1pm-3pm This Sunday we will go jam on the patio inbetween tours and try to enjoy some of the late summer weather (fingers crossed). Join us and tip back and few brews while we pick on the patio!

???? and Brewtown Bluegrass - September 15th 5pm-7pm The debut of a new local bluegrass band 2 years in the making will open for Brewgrass making this evening extra special. Please visit this historic venue enjoy some brews, and fun times with two great bands.

Brewtown Brewgrass 2 sets - September 22nd 5pm-7pm All Brewgrass on this week, we will play some of our new stuff and some of the old. Another modernesque hillbilly party brought to you by yours truly. Beer is cold and the music is hot, come dance your socks off with us!

Brewgrass 'n' Milbillies - September 29th 5pm-7pm Oh boy, we are pretty excited to have this pairing as our last show for this series. Two hours of local grass served up at The Best Place makes for a hellovah good time. The Milbillies are spttin' hot fire right now, writing great tunes and ripping through their music with fire and intensity. Justin has recently become the 6th Milbilly, sitting in frequently with the boys and subbing occasionally. We may see some special guests during either set. With summer coming to a close, all the special summer music goes with it. Come down and join us for a raging good time!